Conversation Club

By Ivan Crespo

Hey, there! I'm Ivan Crespo and this is a special conversation program at Vivid English. 

Since you're here, I imagine you decided to join my conversation club. I'm pretty sure this online program will help you feel more confident to speak English. The main objective of this course is giving my students a reason and an opportunity to speak. Having taught English as a second language for 17 years, I can say the most fruitful conversations arise spontaneously, but unfortunately, it doesn't always happen. Some days we come up empty handed, maybe because we are tired or just reluctant to speak up. My role as a teacher is to give my students a "gentle" push into areas which hopefully will create intellectual arousal and thus opportunities for me to support this output with appropriate input. 

Details about the course

Type: the program is 100% focused on communication.

English level: Intermediate+ (you have to be able to communicate in English, even with hesitation).

Teacher: Ivan Crespo

Platforms: Zoom and Cisco Webex will be used for this program.

Day and time: classes will take place every Tuesday from 8pm to 9.30pm Rio de Janeiro time. The course will start on Feb 2, 2021.

Program length: 5 months.

Fees: if you are a Brazilian student you can make a down payment (entrada) of R$250 which is atcually the enrollment fee and pay the course in five installments of only R$310, starting February 10th. If you are an international student, you will not be able to pay the course in five installments. You will be charge a one-time fee of only USD 388. 

For further information, please reach out to Isabele at

Pay NOW! 

Brazilian students

Entrada: R$250

+ 3% TX de transação

Pay NOW!

International students

One-Time Fee: USD 388

+ 2% transaction fee